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Welcome to the website of K'hal Tiferes Boruch, also known as Rabbi Weinberger's Shul.


Seudah Shlishis this Shabbos is sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Elchonon Groman for Hakaras Hatov to Hashem for all that he's done & continues to do for our family, as well as in honor of Mr. Duvi Gross for his tireless efforts to get a sidewalk installed on Dwasline.


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ערב שבת ויצא
12/2/2022 ח' כסלו תשפ"ג
4:11 Candle Lighting
4:15 מנחה
8:00 חומש שיעור
פרשת ויצא
12/3/2022 ט' כסלו תשפ"ג
8:30 שחרית
9:24, 8:48 סזק״ש
3:05 שיעור
4:05 מנחה
5:24 מעריב

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